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Welcome everyone to the Passion and Power guild web page! :)

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Passion and Power is a socially progressive guild aimed at providing an environment where players can find like minded individuals to explore end game content.  We are a fairly laid back organization with an aim toward raid progression.
Passion and Power has conquered the Denova Story Mode.  Now on to HM Denova and NiM Opps.

We work hard... 

... and we play hard

... and here's a movie by Cali of P&P doing Zorn & Toth

This site is for the members of the Passion and Power guild on the Corellian Run server of Star Wars The Old Republic.

We are a fun, friendly and helpful guild. We are actively looking for mature and competent gamers to join our ranks.  We are adults with real lives.  We enjoy our time in SWtOR but know that real life is more important.  We raid multiple times a week and enjoy working together to explore new content (when it arrives).

We realize that server/game population is currently declining.  Passion and Power is a refuge for those that are still enjoying this game.

Please feel to post here or on our Facebook Group ( ) with any comments, questions or suggestions. :)

Have Fun!
Guild News

7/10/12 – State of the Guild

HasturHasturHastur, Jul 10, 12 1:38 PM.

Approximately 2 months ago I took over Passion and Power after Provocative stood down and left the game.  On June 15, we moved from Darth Bandon to Corellian Run.  Now we stand in the middle of July just having completed EC Story mode and bolstering our ranks with new recruits.  Overall, I would say that the state of our guild is good.  We are experiencing some growing pains, but we have brought ourselves back to a point of progression beyond where we were when we lost a good number of very good players (thus setting guild progression back… approximately 2 months).

Passion and Power is an adult guild aimed at end game progression, but not at the expense of social cohesion.  I would much rather fail with a group of fun people than succeed at all costs.  We’ve tried to minimize drama, but building an organization with over 150 guilded characters can cause friction.  To minimize those issues, I’ve established a series of guidelines for scheduling activities, loot distribution, and general end game progression.  We will continue to grow and revise these guidelines as the game changes around us.

Over the next few months, I would like to see us establish more raid leaders.  I’m looking for people who are willing to step up and organize runs and activities.  I would also like to see us expand to ranked PvP teams and work with other guilds to sponsor world events of many varieties (PvP, silly, world boss runs, datacron runs, etc…).  As always, I’m interested in your feedback and suggestions on how to make our guild experience more fun. 

Thanks for being part of this great guild.

Edit - 7/25/12 - Thanks to Quanchi (sp) and Phaedrian for stepping up and getting a guild progression raid off the ground and to Collosis for bringing the remnants of his guild over to join our ranks and start up NiM and EC HM operations.  Also to all the new members that joined recently, I offer a warm welcome...

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